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Hello There

This is the personal homepage of me, Finn Sell, also sometimes called ftsell. I'm a computer science student at the University of Hamburg, an activist, a hacker, a SysAdmin and sometimes all at once. My expertise and interests are System Administration and Automation, Networking (the computer kind) and creating fun applications for whatever seems useful. Additionally, I like learning things about privacy, security and how computers work from the ground up.


I can be reached and found on any of these platforms:

Notable Projects

I do have a more detailed list of projects available here's a quick list of the most notable ones.

py_simple_openid_connect - Simple and opinionated OpenID Connect client library

GitHub Documentation PyPi Page

This library implements the Relying Party and Resource Server parts of the OpenID Connect specification. It provides integrations into Django and Django-Rest-Framework, supports most commonly used OpenID Connect features but is designed to be as easy to use and understand as possible.

Pixelflut - A pixel drawing game for programmers


Pixelflut is a game for programmers and other technical minded people in which bots are used to collaboratively or competitively draw on a shared canvas.

There is also a dedicated pixelflut site available which has more information on how to participate and on which the current canvas content is always live-streamed.

Mafiasi - Web-Services for university students

mafiasi.de is a website that offers various web based services for computer science students of the Universit├Ąt Hamburg.