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My Projects

This Website


This website is coded by me as a hobby project and has gone through many iterations in different programming languages and framework.
It has by now evolved into a FastAPI application. The reason is that FastAPI gives me the power to implement exactly what I want while not being unnecessarily complex.

py_simple_openid_connect - Simple and opinionated OpenID Connect client library

GitHub Documentation PyPi Page

This library implements the Relying Party and Resource Server parts of the OpenID Connect specification. It provides integrations into Django and Django-Rest-Framework, supports most commonly used OpenID Connect features but is designed to be as easy to use and understand as possible.

Pixelflut - A pixel drawing game for programmers


Pixelflut is a game for programmers and other technical minded people in which bots are used to collaboratively or competitively draw on a shared canvas.

There is a server running at tcp://ftsell.de:1234. It has a canvas size of 800x600 pixels and its content is live-streamed below.
For an interactive demo, a separate pixelflut page is also available.

Mafiasi - Web-Services for university students

mafiasi.de is a website that offers various web based services for computer science students of the Universit├Ąt Hamburg.

Programming Puzzles very secret riddles

Hidden on this website are a number of riddles that are meant for other programmers or nerds.

Mass Move Minion Magic - A game about summoning minions and solving puzzles


In Mass Move Minion Magic you summon minions and steer them through puzzles in your different chambers. The catch? You control all minions at the same time.

This game was made in the context of the Ludum Dare 55 GameJam. This means that the total development time was limited to only 72 hours, and we also created all the assets ourselves.

Play it now on the latest release page!

Three screenshots of the game