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Information according to §5 TMG

This is my private, non-commercial website therefore an imprint containing my private address and phone number is not necessary as specified in §5 (1) of the german TMG.

If you want to contact me you can choose your preferred network or method from the ones listed on the listed on the index page

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Privacy Policy

Scope of Application

This policy applies to pages that explicitly link to it and are hosted on one of the following domains or any of their subdomains: ftsell.de, finn-thorben.me. The gist of this policy is that this website does not track anyone and only stores a small amount of data for very short periods of time.

Collected Information

The server temporarily stores access and error logs. These logs include IP addresses, user-agents and the headers of incoming requests. IP-addresses are not anonymized. User-agents and headers are stored unmodified. The logs are purged regularly and never exceed 48 hours.

Purpose of Collection

The information collected will be used to detect DoS attacks, troubleshoot server errors and create IP or domain blocks when deemed necessary. The data is only stored on this server and will never be shared with any third party.